Each year, the community of Elk Grove Village nominates and recognizes manufacturers for excellence in Community Support, Sustainability, Innovation, and Industrial Development of the Year. The following companies have proven to be 'Beyond Business Friendly' by not only manufacturing exceptional products but also being a valuable asset to the Elk Grove Village community. 

Industrial Development of the Year -  Yamazen - Jim Hansen & Kyle Schumacher

Through Yamazen, you’re connected to the industry’s most extensive network of application experts, a team developing cutting-edge solutions in virtually every area of manufacturing in markets around the world. The expertise gained is shared throughout the Yamazen network, ensuring all of our engineers have access to the most advanced information and techniques as they develop your unique solution.


Elk grove technology park - award winners

Excellence in Community Support - The Diemasters - Paul Rimington

Since 1948, The Diemasters have been committed to the quality craftsmanship of high precision products. The Diemasters Productivity System TM (TDPS) we are able to Manufacture Smarter™, which enables us to produce products more efficiently and at the highest levels of quality.


Elk grove technology park - award winners

Excellence in Sustainability - Maman Group - Guy Ranallo

In 1997, Maman Corp. opened its doors in a rented storefront in suburban Chicago. We had four staff, a handful of carpenters, two folding card tables, and a computer. We also had drive, commitment, energy, and a vision. Two decades later, we’ve grown to become a comprehensive construction management team and general contractor working in 15 states and counting. We do more than build spaces—we create environments where your team can grow, thrive, and innovate. Our superpower as a company is the ability to hear your need, envision it, and deliver against it.


Elk grove technology park - award winners

Excellence in Innovation - Curv Group - Mike Tunney

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Elk grove technology park - award winners